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For more than thirty years, attorneys at Phillips & Paolicelli have represented injured clients and their families in state and federal courts nationwide. We are proud to display examples of our past successes for potential clients to review. The results that follow are representative trial verdicts, appeals, and arbitrations in which our attorneys have played leading roles. They include cases brought on behalf of children suffering from birth defects, workers exposed to asbestos and other toxic substances, and victims of medical malpractice, environmental contamination, and construction and automobile accidents. It gives us great pride that we have been able to help so many families to obtain the compensation that they need to begin rebuilding their lives.


  • Landmark birth defect settlement, for over two dozen children with profound birth defects from environmental exposure to toxins including lead, mercury, and arsenic.

  • Nine-figure confidential settlements with Fortune 500 manufacturers and chemical suppliers on behalf of dozens of adults suffering from cancer, and children born birth defects, as a result of workplace exposure to toxic chemicals.

  • $26 million settlement against the City of New York in discrimination class action on behalf of African American and Latino police officers.

  • Confidential multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of families suffering injuries and property damage as a result of groundwater contamination in New Jersey.

  • $15.8 million verdict on behalf of New Jersey families suffering from severe illnesses including kidney failure as a result of contaminated groundwater.

  • Confidential eight-figure settlement for a child with profound brain damage, paralysis, and inability to speak following in utero exposure to toxic chemicals.

  • Confidential multi-million dollar settlement for a mentally impaired adult whose mother was negligently exposed to toxic chemicals at work while pregnant.

  • Confidential multi-million dollar settlement for a child with muscular dystrophy due to toxic chemical exposure.

  • Confidential multi-million dollar settlement for a mentally impaired adult exposed to lead and other industrial chemicals while in utero.




  • $9.6 million jury verdict for obstetrical malpractice resulting in cerebral palsy in a child whose delivery was delayed by the obstetrician’s failure to timely diagnose complications including placental insufficiency. This was reported as the 6th largest personal injury verdict of the year in the New Jersey Law Journal.

  • $6.9 million jury verdict in wrongful death action involving delayed diagnosis of breast cancer.

  • $6.8 million jury verdict for woman suffering from delayed diagnosis of thyroid cancer.

  • $6.5 million settlement for negligent obstetrical care resulting in catastrophic injuries to a little girl, reported as New York State’s third-highest medical malpractice settlement in 2012.

  • Confidential high seven-figure settlement for a child with brain damage following in uteroexposure to mercury and solvents used by her mother at work.

  • $4 million for the improper treatment of an ischemic stroke.

  • $3 million for a woman suffering from misdiagnosed breast cancer

  • $3.65 million jury verdict for a patient who contracted hepatitis C while undergoing platelet transfusions

  • $2.25 million jury verdict for breast cancer misdiagnosis by a pathologist, resulting in an unnecessary double mastectomy in 2013.

  • $2.1 million arbitration award for delayed diagnosis of retinoblastoma.

  • Confidential seven-figure settlement for pediatric eye cancers due to chemical exposure.

  • Confidential seven-figure settlement for child suffering from Erb’s Palsy as a result of a negligent delivery in 2013.

  • Confidential seven-figure settlement for the wrongful death of an elderly man who underwent a surgical procedure for liver cancer in 2013.

  • Confidential seven-figure settlement for the wrongful death of a young woman due to failure to adhere to fall risk protocols.

  • Confidential seven-figure settlement with radiologist and hospital involving delayed diagnosis of testicular cancer.

  • $1 million for delayed diagnosis of cancer.

  • Confidential 6-figure settlement for negligent placement of a stent in patient’s leg causing lifelong pain.

  • $500,000 for intravenous infiltration burn on a young girl’s foot, which resulted in minor permanent scarring in 2014.

  • Confidential mid 6-figure confidential settlement for negligent performance of knee replacement.




  • $8.5 million jury verdict for a child suffering from lead paint poisoning, reported as the highest lead paint verdict in New York State in 2008.

  • $6.9 million on behalf of two brothers in New York suffering from lead poisoning.

  • $4.8 million award for child suffering from lead paint poisoning.

  • $4.6 million jury verdict for child who ingested lead paint, causing brain damage.

  • $2.4 million jury verdict for a child suffering from lead paint poisoning, reported as the fourth highest lead paint verdict in New York State in 2008.

  • Confidential mid six-figure settlement on behalf of young boy who ingested lead paint.



  • Over one hundred million dollars recovered for asbestos victims nationwide in settlement of claims against bankrupt asbestos manufacturers.

  • $22 million on behalf of plaintiff suffering from mesothelioma caused by wrongful asbestos exposure.

  • $18.5 million jury verdict on behalf of Brooklyn Navy Yard workers with asbestos-related diseases including lung cancer, asbestosis, colon cancer, and mesothelioma.

  • $14.3 million in federal suit on behalf of five powerhouse workers suffering from mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis, reported as one of the largest verdicts of 1991 in the New York Law Journal.

  • $7.15 million jury verdict in federal court on behalf of two shipyard workers suffering from asbestosis and pleural disease.

  • $5.5 million in consolidated trial on behalf of Brooklyn Navy Yard Workers suffering from asbestos-related disease.

  • $4 million award reinstated on appeal on behalf of the widow of a 40-year-old sheet metal worker who died of colon cancer.

  • $4.5 million for the family of an engineer who was exposed to asbestos while working on submarines, and developed mesothelioma.

  • $800,000 jury verdict in federal court on behalf of a 60-year-old insulator with asbestosis.




  • $10.5 million to victim of catastrophic injuries from a construction accident after appeal by Phillips & Paolicelli lawyers, following an original jury award of $3.7 million.

  • $5.4 million jury verdict on behalf of secretary with carpal tunnel syndrome and reflex sympathetic dystrophy caused by intense keyboard work at a defective computer workstation.

  • $4.8 million settlement for victim of traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident.

  • $4.25 million for a 46-year-old motorcyclist who was catastrophically injured when struck by a truck making an illegal turn in New York City.

  • $1.88 million verdict obtained in New York Court of Claims on behalf of a painter who fell from a scaffold, suffering personal injuries.

  • $1.1 million settlement for an 81 year-old woman who sustained a serious leg injury on vacation at an Atlantic City, New Jersey casino.

  • $822,925 jury verdict on behalf of Pennsylvania construction worker who suffered a head injury at a construction site in New Jersey, causing post-traumatic headaches.

  • Confidential high six-figure settlement with condominium association on behalf of woman sexually assaulted in her building’s side entrance way due to Management’s failure to properly secure and maintain the entrance way door.

  • Confidential high 6-figure settlement for negligent supervision in a medical facility.

Please note that each case is unique, and that past verdicts and settlements are not guarantees of a specific outcome in your case. Click here to view P&P’s Legal Statement. However, our attorneys remain committed to vigorously representing clients, with the highest ethical standards, in an effort to obtain outstanding results. To learn more about obtaining legal representation from Phillips & Paolicelli, or to speak with our attorneys regarding a possible case, please call us at (855) 220-6770 or click here.

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